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Widevine Master License Agreement

iTunes maintains a collection of user keys for all titles purchased from its library. For a user key, there is no need to connect to a server. To play a protected song, iTunes adapts the user key created with its user key collection to decipher the main key. The decrypted main key is then used to decipher the AAC song file. A valid field is available for a short period of time (between creating DRM instances and loading keys). MediaDrmCallback-Recall executeKeyRequest () can customize the recovery of license keys. licenseServerURL – The URL of the Widevine license server that receives license applications. Content decryption module: Devices contain a content-decryption module (CDM) to create an encrypted license request and send it to the Widevine License server. The Widevine License server responds to the device`s request by sending encrypted content containing license information. Encrypted content is decrypted with this license. In 2019, a developer attempted to group Widevine into a video playback app based on Electron/Chromium and did not receive a response from Google after requesting a licensing agreement, effectively blocking the use of DRM in the project. [18] [19] Later, he received the answer: Go to www.widevine.com/contact.html and create a general/sales request. Widevine is a proprietary technology provider for Digital Rights Management (DRM) from Google, which is used by Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers (and some derivatives), Android MediaDRM, Android TV and other consumer electronic devices.

Widevine technology supports various encryption and hardware security schemes to limit consumers` access to video content distributed in accordance with rules established by content owners. Widevine primarily offers a content decryption module (CDM) as a customer for Google Chrome and other browsers and devices. Widevine can be used free of charge by content providers and therefore does not charge a fee for the license generator or device integration. [1] [2] Starting in 2019, there will be more video streaming subscribers worldwide than digital TV subscribers who access more than 500 licensed online video portals. With the growing demand for online video portals, digital piracy has also increased. Digital piracy is made possible by pirated copies, apps and websites (such as BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay) that help users download unauthorized content such as TV shows, recent movies and/or Internet games. The main key is encrypted using the user key, which is owned by iTunes and is also sent to the Apple server. .. /./packager input-normal_audio.mp4,stream-audio,output-encrypted_audio.mp4 input-normal_video.mp4,stream-audio,encrypted_video.mp4 -enable_widevine_encryption –key_server_url “license.uat.widevine.com/cenc/getcontentkey/widevine_test” -key_server_url license.uat.widevine.com/cenc/getcontentkey/widevine_test” -content_id enable_widevine_encryption “30313333333335637” –sign “widevine_test” –aes_signing_key “1ae8ccd0e7985cc0b6203a55555555 a1034afc252980e90ca90e502689f947ab9″ –aes_signing_iv “d58ce954203b7c9aa9a9d467f59839249″ -crypto_period_duration 140 Avin Widee Requirement is formatted as a JSON license message.